ClimateEye is an environmental magazine dedicated to exploring the impacts of climate change on everything from the economy, to public health, to your daily cuppa joe. By enlisting the help of expert writers, we hope to demystify the confusing world of climate change, and bring you original articles that are scientifically accurate, relevant and thought-provoking. All that, and bad puns. Together, let’s make global warming cool.


The elephant in the room: Tackling climate change is our generation’s greatest challenge. Years of industrialization have finally caught up to us as we stand at the precipice of a rapidly changing world—one with extreme temperatures and more frequent catastrophic weather events, rising sea levels and greater incidence of disease. Despite the global nature of this threat, there is limited discourse and action on climate mitigation and adaptation.

Lack of accessible information: There is a dearth of balanced information on climate change in the Indian media today. Additionally, academic analyses of the economic burden or health impacts of climate change remain unnoticed as many citizens cannot access expensive and jargon-filled academic journals and publications.

So let ClimateEye be your source of reliable climate information! Each month, we will unpack a climate-related issue using research and opinion pieces, videos, photo essays, infographics, interviews, and cartoons—all with a sprinkling of humor. We hope that ClimateEye will compel you to read a little more and think a little deeper about the imminent threat of climate change.



ClimateEye is the brainchild of climate policy nerd, Sachi Singh. She has worked on climate and energy issues with international environmental organizations like the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in New York City and the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, D.C. Currently, she’s trying academia on for size at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. She firmly believes that information inspires action, and is excited to share her passion with you!