The Politics Issue

  • Senators and Snowballs

    Senators and Snowballs

    What does the 2016 U.S. presidential election mean for climate change, and how do the candidates stack up? Most of the GOP candidates’ positions boil down to: well-I-am-not-a-scientist-so-I-don’t-know-if-the-earth-is-warming-or-cooling. A republican senator from Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe, brought snowballs to the senate floor to prove that global warming was a myth. As Colbert pointed out, that’s like saying world hunger is over because you ate today.

  • How India Can Reduce Emissions in 2015

    How India Can Reduce Emissions in 2015

    Indian policymakers have long used India’s poverty as an excuse to not take concrete action on climate change. Limiting carbon emissions is a costly proposition, they argue, and these costs will impede development and push the common man further into poverty. So as we ring in the New Year 2015, in the lofty spirit of resolution-making, goal-setting and ideating, here are the top three revenue-neutral policy suggestions that India can implement to measure and mitigate emissions, and minimize the effects of climate change.

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